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Rhodri: A Political Life in Wales and Westminster

Published this month by the University of Wales Press, Rhodri: A Political Life in Wales and Westminster is the political autobiography of Rhodri Morgan.

A much missed public figure, having passed away in May this year, the former First Minister of Wales and Welsh Labour leader leaves us with his autobiography, an entertaining and candid account of his sometimes turbulent, often controversial, but never boring, political life.

This is an entertaining and conversational book, offering insight into the workings of the Welsh Government and the challenges of dealing with coalition government arrangements. Written with his warm sense of humour, Morgan avoids the dryness commonly associated with the political biography and candidly documents his political battles.

Appealing to both the casual reader and the political obsessive, this book allows us to read the final reflections by Rhodri Morgan on political life in Wales, in Westminster and beyond, with unique insight into the first ten years in the history of the National Assembly of Wales.

For more information on the autobiography, and to purchase an edition, please visit the University of Wales Press’ website – http://www.uwp.co.uk/book/rhodri-hardback/

Rhodri Morgan: A Political Life in Wales and Westminster by Rhodri Morgan (University of Wales Press, September 2017)
£24.99 • HB • 9781786831477 • 234x156mm • 464 pages